TAP by Todd Pownell

Tap by Todd Pownell jewelry designs evolve from an emotive to an aesthetic experience and back. Romanticism influences the forms within the jewelry. The interaction of dark and light metals combine with fine gold and diamonds to evoke a sense of mystery and sublime nature. The diamonds are bead set upside-down onto the surface in pave or simply scattered across the piece. This reverse setting captures the reflection of light in a succession of broad flashes. The oblique angles are illuminated and emit a feeling of twilight.

"I approach the process of making jewelry with an honest respect for the innate properties of the materials. The noble metals and gemstones have strong qualities of order and structure within their internal nature. A kind of fabric that evokes in me a sense of admiration. I work with a focused attention for the craft, which is a visible aspect of the jewelry. My work begins with the thought and recollection that "procrastination is the thief of time" as in night- thoughts by Edward Young. With anticipation I enter the process of making, (which is at times chaotic, yet filled with joy and struggle too). Visually, the effect is similar to the tensions of a gathering storm in the night and to the low angled light as it is cast across a landscape into the gazing eye."

TAP by Todd Pownell evolved from the varied combined experiences of it’s founders, Todd & Debra. Todd is a technically trained goldsmith and graduate gemologist with fine jewelry historical knowledge. Debra’s experience is rooted in the European studio atelier practice and it’s jewelry fine art traditions.

Together as a couple they merged their complimentary perceptions to the romantic aesthetic that identifies the TAP jewelry design sophistication. 


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