Todd Reed 

Boulder, CO

“We believe in honoring Mother Nature.”


The Steward

Reverent  |  Connected  |  Responsible


Todd looks at nature and sees it deeply. Its forms and rhythms, its patterns and textures—he draws upon it all. The soul of the planet is his inspiration. He’s connected to the fact that its resources—diamonds and precious metals—are his media and deserve to be honored.

Every bit matters. Every fragment possesses its own beauty. None of it is to be wasted or treated carelessly. Naturally, Todd embraces recycled precious metals and diamonds, even some of the intriguing by-products of diamond cutting.


The Artisan

Authentic  |  Curious  |  Masterful

Todd has spent years at the jeweler’s bench refining his own vocabulary of shapes, proportions, textures, finishes and the techniques required to bring his pieces to life. This personal language makes up the collective voice of Todd Reed’s studios. Each master jeweler is an artisan-collaborator to Todd, expressing their own skill and passion through the unwavering hand-made ethos of the brand.

Todd makes it his business to find a connection with every stone that he and his team work with — always engaged in the inherent dialogue between the stones and the designs in which they live. The character of each final piece stems from the idiosyncrasies of that marriage between stone and metal.


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