Toby Pomeroy


Toby Pomeroy has been a U.S. jewelry designer since 1967 and has been recognized by Jeweler's Circular Keystone Magazine as one of the 7 most influential designers in 2008.  


A key leader in the socially responsible jewelry movement since 2005, he inspired Hoover & Strong refiners and Stuller Co., two of the largest precious metal supplies in the U.S., to offer reclaimed gold and silver to their clients as an alternative to unsustainably mined metals. 


His leadership on the environmental jewelry front has garnered coverage in publications such as TIME, Vanity Fair, Elle, Shape, and Oprah.  Toby was featured in the Sundance Channel TV documentary "Eco-Trip Gold" in 2009. In  2010, his design studio received a top "A" grade from No Dirty Gold's Manufacturers and Retailer's Report. 


Toby has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Responsible Mining in Medellin, Columbia since 2010 and, in 2016, founder the movement, the Mercury Free Mining Challenge on the HeroX platform. 


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